Car Wash Equipment Supplier for Florida Auto Dealers

  • Designed for the Auto Dealer
  • 60-second wash
  • Soft-Touch Car Wash
  • All Stainless
  • Handles vehicle fleets
  • 4 Full height Polyflex Foam brushes
  • 600,000+ wash life
  • Washes Front and Back of vehicles
  • Employees not needed
  • Tire and Wheel cleaner available
  • Rear Super Clean available
auto dealership Florida car wash model 220
AUTEC Model 220C
  • Powder Coated Carbon Steel for the value buyer
  • Soft-Touch car wash
  • Four full height Polyflex foam brushes
  • Washes front and back
  • 60 second wash
auto dealer Florida car wash 220C
AUTEC Model 100 Polisher
  • Fleet Polisher
  • Polisher Program Available
  • No equipment cost under program
  • Can be purchased directly
auto dealer Florida car wash equipment supplier polisher
Washworld Revv
  • Touch Free
  • Value Model for auto dealers
  • Washes Smart Cars to Dualies
Florida washworld touch free revv car wash for auto dealerships
Washworld Profile
  • Soft-Touch
  • Stainless Steel
  • Two-brush system
  • Open bay floor
  • DSP to read vehicle's contour
  • VS2 Vehicle Sizing
  • 4-minute + wash
Florida car wash equipment supplier soft touch